Welcome to the 7-Day Creative Defense!

In this free video course, you'll be creative every day—and gain insights into how to protect and defend your precious creative time. 


DAY 2: notes and summary

1. First things first! Set a timer for 20 minutes, and give your chosen creative project your full attention. 

2. Choose your top 5 time thieves out of this lineup. 

3. Send a quick note to your accountability partner, sharing your top 5 time thieves and asking about theirs.

4. Now, LOOK OUT for your time thieves and watch what happens as you interact with them. (You know they'll show up eventually!) 

Quote of the day: "We do not know where our ideas come from. What we do know is that they do not come from our laptops." —John Cleese, via Steal Like an Artist

On day 1 ...

You chose your target project and your accountability partner.

You completed your first 20-minute creative session.