WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 5. Some crankiness this morning over dishes not done. Made: listened to Double Sextet and went through the score marking entrances etc.  Worked: new proposal for a client; client emails. Consumed:  Connected:  Explored: Nourished:  


TUESDAY, OCTOBER 4. Feeling less dark this morning. I've decided to take the time to explore my surroundings as a new D.C. resident, in spite of (a) my guilt over having free time, (b) my disappointment that Susan can't come with, (c) my sense that I should always be working. Even the under-employed can be workaholics! 

Explored: 2+ hours of walking, enjoying, and getting lost in/around the Anacostia Riverwalk. Now I know the simple way to get to the trail, and how it works. :)  Made: practiced on Steve Reich Radio Rewrite, including several Metron sequences. A batch of Smitten Kitchen's Italian Wedding soup.  Consumed: two episodes of Heavyweight, half an episode of Reply All, an episode of Marie TV.  Worked: Taught at Washington Global, and DCYOP private students who were wonderful. 


MONDAY, OCTOBER 3.  Made: morning pages; a bit of piano-voice composition; set up Hyperscribe on Finale; practicing Steve Reich. Consumed: George Lewis lecture, this awesome article on women & drinking, Reply All podcast, Alarm will Sound's recording of Radio Rewrite.  Connected: talked to Sara on the phone, which felt wonderful. Worked: one-hour group class at Garrison Elementary, where behavior was kind of rough.

Notes: Felt fairly despairing when I woke up, which makes sense given it's Day 20 of my cycle. Got excited while listening to the George Lewis talk and made a bunch of notes on my whiteboard. Radio Rewrite is a cool piece. Hyperscribe is an imperfect system. As we were getting ready for bed night, despite a yoga class that pissed me off and a general sense of yuck that had prevailed during the day, I felt a sense of peace and happiness come over me. Whether it was a hormone shift or divine grace, I was very grateful.