Teaching young scientists how to social media

I was thrilled (and slightly intimidated) to be invited to lead a workshop on social media at ComSciConChi, a local iteration of an exciting conference called Communicating Science. After all: scientists!? Me?! But it was actually super fun. In this two-hour workshop, we:

  • got clear about WHY we want to have an online presence in the first place,
  • looked at case studies of scientists sharing their work online in fascinating ways,
  • did some soul-searching about which social media platforms we actually enjoy being on,
  • speed-drafted as many social media posts (in our chosen platform) as we could in fifteen minutes. One of my star students created 20+ posts (!). 
  • started to create 200-word, 50-word, and 200-character bios of ourselves for use in various online settings.

The conference was put together by Northwestern graduate students in all sorts of science disciplines, and was attended by grad students from across the Midwest. Interdisciplinary communication for the win!  

If you'd like me to talk to your group about communicating about your work online, please get in touch!