DO YOU LONG FOR a companion to support your journey towards creativity and growth?

are you embarking on a long-term project that means the world to you?

would you like personalized support as you explore A NEW CREATIVE OR SPIRITUAL PRACTICE?


In early 2016, I began working one-on-one with writers and artists across the country. Although I barely advertised, my clients found me. Many had met me in person, while others had followed my writing online. They just "had a feeling" I could help them with a major endeavor in their lives.

Some were engaged in multi-year writing projects, and needed more support than they were getting from their advisors, committees, editors, and spouses. Some wanted help getting a new creative process off the ground. Some were grappling with career transitions, and questions about how they fit into the arts landscape. In all cases, I discovered the joy of accompanying these brave and creative people as they embarked on projects and processes that would redefine their lives and careers. 

My work falls somewhere between coaching, counseling, and collaboration, and is highly personalized to the needs of each person I work with. We can also make customized yoga and meditation practices a part of our work together. 

Pursuing a long-term creative project on your own is not easy. Investing in personalized support can make all the difference. If you're ready to make this leap, I would love to support you! 

Through Ellen's wonderful insight and guidance, I have been able to reach career goals that seemed unattainable in the past.  Her sound advice has given me clarity of purpose, and she has provided me with many tools allowing me to achieve my objectives.  She makes me feel supported in my endeavors and has really boosted my self-confidence.  I tremendously enjoy working with her and cannot speak of her highly enough!
                    - Writing and career coaching client
I sought out Ellen because I desperately needed a creative coach - someone who could help me get started on an artistic project (songwriting) when I felt like I had no idea where or how to begin. Ellen is supportive and nonjudgmental, and her wide range of artistic skills and experience makes her an informed and tactical coach. I loved the flexibility of our work together, whether she was giving me prompts to get going, pushing me improve a lyric, or helping me figure out how to notate a rhythm. With Ellen's support and guidance, I was able to accomplish my goal of writing (and even recording!) three songs during the course of our work together - a huge win for me!
                - Creativity coaching client