Welcome, Evolving Vocation cohort! Let's do this. 


I'm so excited to see what ten weeks of reading, writing, reflection, and group work will do for your evolving life's work. Please consider this page your online home for all things Evolving Vocation. Here, you'll get a taste of what I've got planned for you ... while knowing that we can be flexible and dynamic to meet the group's unique needs.

Week 1: Creating space

This week is dedicated to introducing ourselves to the group, getting to know our fellow group members, and finding ways large and small to clear space in our lives to allow wisdom to emerge. We will also find ways to create a support network in our lives, and mark the next ten weeks as a special time for discernment and reflection.

Week 2: What is vocation?

This week, we’ll investigate our own beliefs and assumptions about ourselves, our work, our money, and our impact on the world. As a way to provoke these questions, we’ll survey the literature, reading a variety of perspectives on jobs, work, career, calling, and vocation.    

Week 3: What is your nature?

Parker Palmer has written that vocation poses the “elemental, demanding” question: Who am I? This week, we’ll unhook that question from any “job-related” agenda and conduct a self-inquiry from a variety of different angles. Who knows—we may find a few sparkling jewels of truth!

Week 4: Dreams and heroes

What are your dreams? Who are your heroes—and why? What visions of the world inspire you? Let’s see how these questions may shed light on your “Who am I” inquiry?

Week 5: What’s happening right now? 

This week, we take stock of exactly where you are right now in your vocational life. What is working? What isn’t? What’s the “rub” that brought you to this group work in the first place?

Week 6: Gathering your Committee

A special assignment to convene some of your most important friends and mentors together.

Week 7: Synthesizing our findings

This week, each member of the group will receive a Mirroring session. Your fellow group members will examine your self-inquiry materials so far—your nature, your dreams and heroes, your “right now” assessment, and your Committee report—and mirror back to you what they’re seeing and hearing.

Week 8: Scary But Exciting

We'll keep in touch about the Scary But Exciting action steps we've taken as a result of our Committee gatherings and Mirroring sessions.

Week 9: Reporting back on Next Steps

We’ll share our progress thus far in taking our fist Scary But Exciting actions. We’ll begin to make commitments about how to support ourselves going forward. Who can continue to support us? What has served us best on the journey to self-trust and creating space?

Week 10: Preparing for launch

Goodbyes, thank-yous, and writing letters to ourselves.