Recently, I watched a great interview between internet entrepreneur Marie Forleo and actress Bryce Dallas Howard. In their conversation, Bryce cited a statistic: the average working actor has to take 64 auditions in order to book their first job. 

That number blew me away. 64?! I honestly couldn't think of anything I'd been rejected from 64 times, and continued to do. In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I've often continued in my pesky childhood habit of refusing to fail, struggle, or look bad in public.

Inspired by this, I'm on a quest to get my own 64 rejections, and see what happens at the end. Of course, I'm not an actor trying to book a job, but I'm interested in finding out what results when I consistently stretch, risk, and try. This effort is also inspired by another awesome "public failure" project, Jennifer Jolley's Composer Fails. Thanks to Jen for making public failure cool!

I could go further back in history and start gathering up my most recent rejections, but that would be cheating. I'll start with my two most recent attempts at professional advancement, and keep updating from there. 


1. Ragdale residency application to write my book. Not selected. August 16, 2016.

2. AFM Local 171-710 showcase audition, September 24, 2016. Pending

3. New Music Gathering application to offer yoga & meditation at the conference, September 28, 2016. Pending.

4. New Music Gathering application for Handful of Smoke performance, September 29, 2016. Pending.


Updated September 29, 2016.