Summer sale! 20% off cover letters, bio rewrites, and more!

Writing a clear, compelling cover letter is an art form. In just a few paragraphs, you’ve got to tell your professional story, and connect that story to the job posting itself. Who are you, and what have you achieved? How does your past experience make you the ideal candidate?

The same is true of your artist bio, resume, or mission statement. Figuring out how best to tell your story is essential. 

Let me be your advocate, cheerleader, and ghostwriter. Together, we’ll look at your professional achievements and decide how best to tell your story. I love listening to my clients talk about their work, and then translating those conversations into stylish, head-turning written materials. 

Some of my clients even call the process magical. (You can see some testimonials here.)    

I’ve worked with artists, academics, engineers, and nonprofit professionals. Whatever written piece you're working on, you’ll love having a great writer in your corner. To get started, just shoot me an email at ellen.mcsweeney[at]—and mention this sale!