Writing & Editing Services


from cover letters to dissertations, no project is too big or small.

Some clients are looking for an editor to polish a short piece (like a bio, resume, or press release). Others are looking for long-term support for a dissertation or a book project. Whatever your writing needs are, the first step is for us to talk together (for free!), usually by Skype. 

create a budget, timeline, and workflow that works for you.

Some clients meet with me each week to share their progress and get coaching and feedback. Others let me take the lead, and give me feedback on drafts. Depending on the project, I charge by the hour or by the piece. I can often offer a great deal for bigger projects.



natural, eloquent, and not stuffy

As a musician, I work in a variety of settings, and wear many different hats.  Writing my bio was always a struggle because I didn't know how to emphasize the most important aspects of my career.  Ellen and I talked for awhile about my long terms goals, and some of my proudest musical accomplishments before she crafted my bio into something that felt natural, eloquent, and NOT STUFFY! Amen! 

- Aimee, artist bio client


Wow. I knew you were a great writer, but this editing is spot-on. You told me exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you so much! 

- Elizabeth, CV and cover letter client

i'm not cringing reading about myself

Wow! This is great! I'm not cringing reading about myself! Thanks again for your work—I'm very happy.

- Tara, artist bio client

aspirational and possible

How in the world did you take that pile of rambles I gave you this afternoon and come up with a coherent plan that feels both aspirational and absolutely possible?

- Julie, coaching client