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Ellen McSweeney is a writer, musician, and therapist-in-training whose primary interests include trauma, human transformation, and spirituality in its many forms. She is currently completing a master’s degree in clinical social work and is a trainee at the Wendt Center for Loss & Healing, where she provides grief and trauma therapy to a diverse array of clients.

Ellen began training as a therapist after a decade of studying contemplative mind-body practices in pursuit of her own healing. She has completed hundreds of hours of training in meditation and movement, including Trauma-Sensitive Yoga. She is a frequent student at the Insight Meditation Society, where her primary teachers have been Christina Feldman, Akincano Weber, and Narayan Liebenson. Ellen has taught meditation and yoga at music conferences, in the D.C. public schools, and in psychotherapy groups.

As a performing violinist and vocalist, Ellen has traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad to perform, teach, and share her own creative work. Her writing has been published in Slate, VAN Magazine, NewMusicBox, and the Log Journal, among others. She lives in Washington, D.C. 


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