VIDEO: see video documentation of my work as a violinist, vocalist, improviser, and composer

A beautiful contemporary work by composer Michael White, setting Jewish folk songs for string trio. Performed with my colleagues Sara Sitzer and Laura Reycraft at the Gesher Festival in St. Louis.

My original song, "Starbuck's Wife," from the show I co-wrote for AnyWhen Ensemble with my friend Douglas Detrick. Performed live in Portland, OR with saxophonist Hashem Assadullahi and cellist John Hubbard.

My friend, the composer Jenna Lyle, wrote this wonderful piece for the two of us to perform together on a text by Virginia Konchan. We recorded it in a cold, dark backstage area during Chicago winter.

A fun video! The chamber group I co-founded, Chicago Q Ensemble, performs on WBEZ and in downtown Chicago as part of the Living Loop Festival. (Includes the honking of car horns!)

One of the most challenging and exciting works I've ever performed, Shawn Jaeger's Thy Wondering Eyes. You'll hear the clinking of beer glasses; we're at the (Un)familiar Music Series at the Empty Bottle.

In this live video, Handful of Smoke performs our first piece, MIMIC, at Comfort Station in Chicago. The violin is laid flat on the table and amplified with contact and condenser microphones, creating essentially a new instrument.

Another performance from the wonderful Gesher Music Festival in St. Louis. Here, my colleagues Kate Carter, Dominic Johnson, Sara Sitzer and I perform Shostakovich's 4th Quartet live.